Friday, July 04, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Tobias made it home from the hospital just fine. We arrived yesterday around noon. The hospital packed up a bag lunch for each of us, which we enjoyed. Grandma P video'd the arrival. We'll have to see how we can get that on here at some point (haven't messed with video on the blog yet).

Tobias didn't know what to think of his car seat. At first, he definitely didn't like it, but once we started moving on the highway he was quickly asleep. Here is what he looked like once we got him home:

You may have noticed his big feet. The nurses did when he was born. These puppies definitely come from daddy:

We have also been worried about how Cleo would take being demoted to second fiddle (those of you with kids that visit us know how much she loves little people). She has been doing quite well so far, in fact it looks like she may make a fine guard cat:


Candis Berge said...

I was going to post about those big feet before I even scrolled down to the next picture. Yup, those feet are from you!

I can't wait to see more pictures after the A's visit today.


Steven, Shannon & Bennett said...

Great photos! Doesn't it feel great to be home?!

For videos, there are a few different options. I use Vimeo for ours.

The Normals said...

Congrats on Tobias. We're really happy for you guys.