Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Finallz at a computer

So I finally got to a computer lab. So I can take some time to write a little more (although typing is a bit tricky on this german keyboard as a few keys are in different spots). So far our trip has been great. We arrived without any hassles and went on a walking tour from our guidebook the first day. We also ended up catching an organ concert in a church and the performer explained to us about the organ afterwords. Much fun. Then a goods nights sleep.

The museum on Sunday was great as well, and we took pics with the big cameras rather than the phone. The impatient ones will have to view these when we get home. Last night I went to a Mozart concert with my class, and Sara and Bev toured the treasury. I did manage to catch up to them for some coffee in the afternoon. We both had ended up hiking the stairs of St. Stephens cathedral. It is a cool cathedral. Perhaps I will post a picture of that someday.

The people in my class our fun, and our group had a good productive afternoon getting started on our recommendations today. Today Sara and Bev are touring the Imperial Apartments, and then we are meeting at 5:00. My class is going for dinner at a Heuriger Wine-garden tonight, and Sara and Bev are coming too. Time to go. Will try to post more later....J

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Candis Berge said...

Great to hear about how things are going. It is wonderful to be able to keep up with your trip. It all sounds terrific - I am envious!

All is well.

82 degrees in Fergus Falls today!

Zowie! Love, Mom