Thursday, May 18, 2006

Almost time to leave

As you can see from the below picture Bev has arrived in Eagan. We are soon ready to leave on our trip. Sara and her mom are at Target right now getting the remaining last-minute supplies. Here is our itinerary, for those who are interested:

We leave at 7:00PM tomorrow night (May 19th) on NWA #46 to Amsterdam. We arrive in Vienna on KLM #1845 at 12:30PM local time on the 20th.
The first night we all will be staying together. On Sunday night I (John) move to the Hotel Kaiser Franz Josef with the rest of my class, where he will stay until Tuesday Morning May 30 (not counting the weekend we will take in Salzburg). Then I fly with my class to Warsaw, Poland where we stay at the Marriot City Center (or something like that, its a Marriot). On June 2nd we make our final presentation to 3M. Saturday June 3rd I fly from Warsaw to Prague to meet up with Sara and Bev.

Sara and Bev
Same flight to Vienna. Staying at Pension Dr. Geissler until Friday the 26th. Then we all go to Salzburg where we are staying in two hotels. From Salzburg Sara and Bev will be taking a night train to Florence, Italy. They will be staying at the Hotel Basilea for two days. Then they go on to Venice, where they will be staying in a 5 room hotel, the Casa Cosmo. On Friday, June 2nd they fly from Venice to Prague, where we are staying at the Pension Accord. I will be meeting up with them on Saturday, June 3rd.

We all fly home together from Prague on June 6th. We leave at 12:45PM on KLM #3124 (Czech Air #OK622) transferring in Amsterdam and flying home on NWA #55.

What an adventure this will be! I will post pics from my camera phone periodically during the trip. Pray for safety and fun.


Candis Berge said...

Hi John, Sara & Bev, have a wonderful trip! We will be checking your blog for updates. Take lots of pictures - ha ha, do I need to say that???

Love, Mom & Dad Berge

Stewart the dog and Samsonite the cat said...

Have a great adventure! We can't wait to see ALL of your photos. Trish and Tom