Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Civil Engineers?

We are fortunate to have new neighbors across the street including G who is so much fun and T asks to play with him every day. Their play usually consists of racing circles around the driveway (T with his yellow dump truck and G on his balance bike) or digging up the dirt in the flower beds. I've drawn "roads" with chalk within our driveway in the past, but this time, we used road drawing as our activity together. The boys had a great time. G just turned 4 y/o at the end of March.

Following the intense road drawing and racing, the boys helped me with yard work by gathering my piles of raked grass and dumping it into the yard waste bin. T is still a little short to reach and most of the grass would end up on him or scattered around the bin, but he was having a great time.

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Adam said...

it's so awesome to have neighbor friends. Our kids would be lost without all of their friends around us.