Thursday, November 06, 2008

Traumatic Day

I'm not sure he'll sleep tonight, but if he wants to sleep now, then snooze away my little one! I've often thought that infants could pass for chameleons due the way they can change color so quickly once that first shot is given.

Here are his 4 month stats:
Height - 26.75 in
Weight - 15lbs 1oz
Head Circ - 16.75 in

He is right on track and even rolled from his stomach to his back for the doctor.

Whoa, he just woke up and does not sound pleased . . . Tylenol to the rescue.


Henrik & Carrie said...

Sorry to say, it doesn't get any easier. E was in for his 4 year check up yesterday and it still breaks my heart every time they give him a shot!

Adam & Andrea said...

Poor little guy! Although he doesn't look so little in that swing. It looks like T's had a growth spurt since we saw him last. I agree with Carrie about the shots. They don't want 'em and they just get stronger!! 2 nurses and I ALL had to hold down Timothy for his 5 year Kindergarten shots. That boy is strong.

Rachel said...

I agree, the 4/5 year old shots are terrible. But even worse than that - try getting a throat culture from a 7 year old (who doesn't want one) - once I actually got the culture myself (just call me "Dr.", haha) and once had to have a few nurses and myself hold her down. Hopefully your little one will get over the shots quickly!

Candis Berge said...

He looks so big already!

I'm glad you posted the picture of him sleeping and looking so peaceful instead of crying! phew.