Monday, December 04, 2006

Time for a new post

Our weekend was fun. Sara baked Christmas cookies: spritz and krumkake (my favorites) and florentines. She also made some awesome homeade pizza. I finished putting up Christmas lights. It was a lot colder than when I put up the first batch. On Saturday night we went over to Old Man Levangs to celebrate his 30th birthday. Much fun was had by all.


Adam & Andrea said...

The boys and I made spritz cookies recently too! Did you have little (or big) fingers sneaking the dough as well??

Save some krumkake for us! See ya Firday!

Candis Berge said...

Great picture.

Steven & Shannon said...

I would love to get a recipe for these spritz cookies. Can someone please e-mail me one? Also, Sara I would be interested in getting your pizza dough recipe if you will share it. :o)

~ Shannon Overland-Erickson (

Kari Joy, RN said...

I'm not sure what had been happening with the link to my blog, but I'm glad it's working now and that you've been able to see what's going on. Fun to hear from you today! I'm really looking forward to moving closer to you both, and being able to spend more time together!