Friday, October 20, 2006

Back to the future

So when I was at Best Buy over lunch yesterday buying the new weird al CD (yep, I still listen to Weird Al, it keeps me young....) I saw an awesome De Lorean in the parking lot. I decided that this was a car worthy of parking next to. If only I had some flux capacitors I could have really had some fun and skipped out on the afternoon of work. By the way, my car is the cool blue Mazda.


Anonymous said...

Weird Al!! That brings back some memories --- hope to see you guys soon - hp

The ‘4 PM’ News said...

Weird Al...funny! Hey, "White and Nerdy" is hilarious.

We finally are on blogspot too:

Hope you guys are doing well.

Steven & Shannon said...

Go 80s!

The Normals said...

The DeLorean is the greatest car ever.